Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"O Christmas Tree"

I put our Christmas tree up last Sunday. It is Nightmare Before Christmas themed. I usually put it in the library, but we only go in there to get a book or movie. This year I put it in the dining room. We get to see it every time we walk through the house. The only problem is it is free game for the cats. When it was in the library all I had to do was shut the door. So this year I am using Halloween party favors as ornaments. I made a cat-proof tree. We have lots of expensive Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments and even some vintage Beetle Juice ones. If I put them up this year it will be toward the top of the tree. The Jack and Zero lights are plastic and pretty durable so I'm not worried about the cats breaking them. So far they have not paid any attention to the tree at all.

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